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The Challenge & The Opportunity

There is a disconnect in today's traditional education system, which leaves many youth disengaged in school and unprepared for the workplace and community. Now more than ever, young people need access, inspiration and guidance.

Learning Redesigned for the 21st Century

LRNG redesigns learning for the connected age so that all youth have an opportunity to succeed.


We start with youth passions and connect them to learning opportunities based on their interests.

Highly Connected

Our platform lets us reach kids anywhere, connecting them to their community, mentors, and individual paths to success.

Verifiable & Credible

As evidence of knowledge, skills, and achievement, youth earn digital badges which garner credibility with peers, schools and employers.

Join The Evolution of Learning

By 2018, LRNG will engage 1 million youth
across 70 communities in the United States.

Join us in enlivening and empowering young minds. Together, we can ensure young people from all backgrounds have the opportunities they need to thrive in the connected age.

Here are four different ways to participate: