Where Experience Meets Opportunity

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LRNG is closing the equity gap by transforming how young people access and experience learning, and the paths they take to success.

What We Do

LRNG works with cities and organizations to connect learning experiences to career opportunities, ensuring that all young people, especially those from underserved communities, have inspiration and guidance to prepare them for life and work in the modern economy.

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How We Do It

Passion is the catalyst; developing skills, mindsets, and habits that youth can take to college and jobs is the purpose. “Playlists” equip youth with tangible skills and understandings that they can apply in academic and career settings.

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We Begin with Youth and Where They Are

The LRNG platform enables young people to access both local and national opportunities from their computer, smartphone, or tablet. Youth pursue their interests with mentors and peers, building new skills and habits wherever they are, whenever they want.

We Connect Their Passions, People and Paths

LRNG and its partners begin with a set of thematic experiences, “Playlists.” Every time Youth complete a Playlist, they receive a digital badge that marks their skill and knowledge. These badges can unlock real world opportunities that include academic credit, internships, and jobs.

An iPhone with the LRNG logo on the display
Icons showing how a playlist leads to a completed badge


A Playlist is a curated group of Learning Experiences (XP) and Resources, stitched together into a compelling media-rich narrative around a common theme.

Playlist and XP icons


An XP can be online or local.

Resource icon

A Resource is an online tool, game or online content that supports learning.

Badge icon


A Badge is a publicly shareable digital credential that provides evidence of learning.

Opportunity icon

Opportunities are unlocked by earning a Badge.

We Empower Youth for Success in the Connected Age

In cities around the country, LRNG is connecting networks of in-school, out-of-school, employer-based, and online learning organizations that are collaborating to increase access and opportunity for Youth in their city and beyond.

LRNG Cities

LRNG works with more than 30 major partners and supporters, including Electronic Arts, Fossil Foundation, GAP Foundation, and the National Writing Project, and are currently providing experiences and opportunities to youth in cities across the country.

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“Together, we are transforming learning into a lifestyle to better prepare young people for a world where learning never stops.”

– Connie Yowell, CEO Collective Shift

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